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(Last Updated On: July 9, 2020)

It’s Christmas season again, and with the New Year just around the corner, everywhere with a festival atmosphere. You can see led string lighted up the Garden, Street, tree, square, lamp Pole and so on all over the place to welcome in the New Year.
it’s even more fiery trees and silver flowers at night, like a gorgeous firework.

The colorful LED string lights make the whole city full of festive atmosphere so that our lives become more beautiful, warm, and full of hope.
However, the LED mini string lights are a must be for all Christmas decorations, whether it’s a Christmas tree, Garden, House, Bedroom, or outdoor, which are so beautiful and easy to install that they are especially popular. Of course, there are many friends in the use of some problems. So how to better use the string lights? Chang Xin lighting manufactures Christmas lights for more than 10 years and will share with you our practical experience. As a Christmas lights’ factory tell you about outdoor lamp strings in the use of common problems with solutions and matters needing attention.
Since it is outdoor use, we should be considered the products’ performance according to the using environment, such as waterproof, cold, UV protection, and so on. The service environment directly affects the products’ life.


The mini LED string lights are usually used for outdoor decoration, there are general string lights and IP 44 standard string lights.

First, the general string lights, its advantage mainly is cheap. Due to the low cost with a thin wire, weak mini bulbs, roughly powder-coated iron LED pins easy to rust. Lifespan is relatively short, easy to off. It only can be used in light rain weather, especially the controller with a bad waterproof effect. However, due to the short use of the festive period more people use these LED string lights.

Second, IP44 LED standard waterproof string lights, perfect waterproof effect, can be used in heavy rain, even if the controller fell into the water does not affect the use. Quality string lights are with a very good tension wire than thick, LED bulbs usually have a long life. Some customized items are often with copper bulbs’ pins. High-quality rubber wire standard waterproof led string lights even are used for more than 3 years, especially decorate tree branches, streets, hotels, and other commercial outdoor decoration.

Furthermore, in order to save cost, many people bought ordinary Christmas lights string for outdoor use, so that come with various problems in using. Why do some Christmas lights string LEDs to go out soon after they are installed?
Here are 2 ways to use the general LED string lights while still satisfying your outdoor needs.

What usually causes LED cluster lights damage?

often, the controller is damaged (the strong pull the wire and cause its broken, or caused by water.)
and or the bulbs’ break welding (that is, the solder joint is broken)
Sure, it also may be quality problems, but now we except the quality problem and only talk about the above two problems.

How to avoid the damage of the LED string lights in use?

Based on our experience we offer the following 2 ways to let you a better way to use the Christmas lights string.
1. For the Christmas lights with a controller, the same situation is true for string lights with controls, icicle string lights, LED net lights, LED curtain lights, please put the controller into a PVC bag, and then to improve the waterproof effect when using.
2. Do not be too strong power when twine string of lights, please gently pull your string of lights, because each string of lights has a lot of solder joints, if pull too hard, some solder joints will be broken, resulting in string lights do not light.

For commercial decorative lighting string, LED cluster lights, net lights, icicle string lights, curtain lights for wall backgrounds, bushes, hotels, shops, malls, etc. , especially for wrapping lights around Tree Poles, branches, we recommend standard IP44 string waterproof lights, PVC or rubber wire, Long Service Life, waterproof effect is good it can protect well that can be reused.

Welcome If you have a better or different idea.
If you have come across other problems in this industry, welcome your letter, we are happy to help!

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