3 ways to install the Pole motif lights outdoor Christmas lights


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(Last Updated On: August 27, 2020)

The skills of selecting, installation instructions about mounted Pole motif lights.

Whether it is Christmas or Spring Festival, we’d like to buy LED colorful lights to add the festive atmosphere.
The meteor shower lights on the trees, the decorative lights on the Poles, the LED giant sculpture in the square and the large Christmas tree in front of the shopping mall, everywhere with a little bit of starlight, come with a kind of happy mood and full of hope for the New Year.

However, there are many styles of outdoor Christmas decorations lights on the market. How can we choose mounted pole festive decorative lights? Today, we are from the perspective of the manufacturers of festive lights, we will share with you how to choose the festive decorative lights for pole mounted. Chang Xin Lighting produced led rope lights, neon LED motif lights for Christmas outdoor decorations, good waterproof can be customized color, size, design, and other styles, specifications, contact us for the details.

The LED pole lamp with kinds of shapes design and can fix on the street Pole, and it is lit together with the street lamp at night. It used as an LED nightscape lighting product for city streets. The LED decorative lamp applied to the landscape of the Lamp Pole, and skillfully with the help of the lamp pole carrier, make lighting and Landscape One, light color, and cultural harmony, so that the street presents an open and melodious, beautiful and luxurious modern urban atmosphere.

The skill of selecting lamp pole decorative lamp

Due to the LED lamp pole decorative lamp with various sizes, modeling, color, and design, based on the lamp pole height to match the different sizes and design of outdoor Christmas lights. these will bring a better festival decorative lamp visual effect on people. The height of the conventional lamp pole is under 15m usually. The lamp pole height is 6 m, 7 M, 8 M, 10 m, and 12 m for urban roads, highways, villages areas, and parks. According to the use of different site needs to choose different pole-mounted lamp size. Below suggest size is only for width, the height size is according to request.

Conventional Hight 6-7m pole, the festive decorative lamp size is from 40cm to 60cm width.
Hight 8-9m pole, LED Christmas lights size is from 70 to 80cm width.
Above hight 10 meters pole, the size of pole mount decoration lamps’ size is from 90 to120 cm width.
For the sizeable outdoor landscape, it needs to customize according to the actual situation.

Instructions and precautions for the installation process

Pole Christmas decorative lamp mounting accessories

Mounting fitting conventional style with the circle or square for fixing, as shown below pictures.

1. Round fitting for easy installation and labor-saving.  firstly, to connect the lamp pole with the other half directly and tighten it with the lock of the screw nut when installing. that is Suitable for round columns.

2. Square fitting for smooth and firm installation. This type of insulation is generally suitable for individual square columns.

3. Special-shaped installation accessories, decorative installation accessories are more beautiful, generally customized according to the product installation accessories. it is suitable for alternative custom-made lamp products. In the square pipe above the welding patch, with the same size hole, in the production of Lamp Pole is the corresponding position welding nut, installation of alignment hole distance directly with screw tightening, this is only applicable to the new lamp pole.

Installation instructions

The installation process of outdoor Christmas decorative LED lights, according to the Chang Xin outdoor lighting project, installation experience of LED pole mounted decoration lights:
First of all, make sure that the LED shape lamp is good when receiving the goods. When receiving the LED shape lamp, try to check whether the line and appearance of the lights are intact and whether the accessories are complete.

Secondly, we should arrange people to check and light up each decoration lights first when the pole motif lamp is ready to be installed at the appointed place, and that to avoid the inconvenience caused by lighting off after installation.

And then is to remind the installation workers of the importance of fixed and wiring, especially outdoor wiring waterproof is very important, should recheck it when fixed and wiring when the best check.

What’s more, after the LED lamp is fixed and connected to the line, it is best to use the universal test on the main power supply to check whether there is a wrong connection short-circuit and so on.

In the end, In all outdoor Christmas lights tested, try to light up for a period, the next day, the third day to check again, after doing so, all is good after the general will not have any problems.

Common Problems after pole decoration lights installed.

1. When the pole motif lamp is not on after installation, that maybe the welding wire inside the light source break up. It may be caused by that the installation worker operates the cable with intense energy. It must pay attention when installation!

2, when the pole-mounted motif lights flash, that transformer has a problem, only the transformer.

Wiring connected: The pole decorative festival lights will be with a power converter that is a constant voltage source, 220V or 110V input to the city power, 12V / 24V output terminal. The conventional power supply on the market has a rain-proof type (below with heat sinkhole) and waterproof type (colloid). The latter waterproof performance is better stable, used more. The power supply can be on the lamp pole or under the electric box for convenient maintenance and replacement.

Installation Equipment and personnel: an installation team includes a forklift or crane (above to be welded fence), 2-3 personal installation, equipped with the standard installation of protective equipment, warning piles, generators and wrenches, and other tools.

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