Christmas Strung Across Street Lights Led Neon Rope Motif

Warm white Christmas Strung Across Street Lights made by Led Neon Rope Motif,  aluminum frame, and for Commercial Outdoor Decoration China Factory OEM Custom Design.

  • Christmas Across Street Lights with Super bright led and Neon rope lights with IP65 waterproof.
  • Durable and beautiful square tube aluminum frame, it’s solid for hanging street and wall outdoor decoration.
  • 120 pieces per meter of LED brightness, furthermore consumption energy saving.
  • Manufacturing across street commercial lights with OEM and then ODM service.
  • Custom-made the size, color, voltage, design Christmas LED street lights motif commercial decoration.
Item No



2 pcs

Sample Time

10 days

Lead Time

15 days

Details About Christmas Strung Across Street Lights Led Neon Rope Motif

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2020)


We specialized in Christmas across street lights commercial outdoor decoration, and OEM design service with fine quality and 2 years of quality assurance. Custom led neon rope lights motif for street, wall, pole, and holiday decoration.


Christmas across street lights’ details

  • Voltage: 220V (AC24v-265v, 50-60Hz)
  • Material: LED Neon Lights, LED rope lights, aluminum frame, or iron frame.
  • IP range: IP65
  • Function: Steady or flash optional.
  • Packaging: export carton and wooden or iron stripe fixed.
  • Application: Christmas, street, wall, pole, other holidays, outdoor commercial decoration.



  • The across street lights with vivid modeling design, smooth beautiful lines, then super-bright LED light up a good visual experience.
  • The across street lights don’t rust in rain day, because of its fine quality and IP65 waterproof.
  • Its solid aluminum frame structure is as good as new after 5 years of use.
  • These commercial street neon lights are easy installation, with a long lifespan, and energy saving.
  • Commercial street decor lights have a pure copper rubber wire with cold-resistant, and with a high-temperature resistant, the products are with 2 years of quality assurance.
  • what’s more, custom the sizes from 0.2m to 20m and the pattern can be according to your requirements.
  • Working temperature from -40°C to 60°C, and IP65 waterproof range for outdoor street decor lights.
  • It is suitable for across street decoration, Christmas, holiday, and wall decoration.
  • Our factory provides OEM Christmas motif lights service, also for the production design one-stop service.


Products Details:

Xmas across-street-lights
Xmas across-street-lights

Supply Christmas across street lights, also LED rope lights motif, LED neon Christmas lights motif for outdoor commercial decoration. on top of that wholesale Christmas decor lights, and China factory custom the size, color, design, materials, etc. usually Christmas lights motif use a metal frame and led neon lights, or rope lights, string lights, and other ornamentals making. Above commercial decorative lights is a real case, which is customizing 3D motif light. Our factory produces various 2D across street lights, pole-mounted lights, wall decor lights, and 3D arch, ball, animals, giant Christmas tree lights for square, supermarket, public park Christmas outdoor commercial decoration.


Power Supply:

There are different power supply options which are for Christmas Across street lights, in addition, that can meet a variety of applications. IP65 led neon lights street decoration, wall, and holiday outdoor decoration. Chang Xin lighting factory customs the size, material, design according to your request.

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