Commercial christmas lights outdoor LED curtain lights

Outdoor led commercial Christmas lights twinkling stars fairy waterfall 3m curtain lights color changing white China factory supply

  • The size 2m * 3m, drop string distance 10cm, and 10cm bulbs distance.
  • Total 600led outdoor curtain lights, 20 pcs drop strings, 300led for each string.
  • The wire 2*0.75mm VDE certificated and length 1.5m plug wire.
  • All led bulbs glue-covered IP44 waterproof.
  • End to end connectable with rubber wire easy for use at any occasion
  • LED commercial lights curtain window China factory OEM & ODM service.
Item No:



100 pcs

Sample Time:

5-7 working days

Lead Time:

25-35 days

Details About Commercial christmas lights outdoor LED curtain lights

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2020)


China factory supply commercial curtain lights and general Christmas lights curtains. And then provide OEM service for indoor and outdoor LED decorative lights.

Outdoor Christmas curtain lights’ details



  • High-quality window Christmas curtain lights and IP44 waterproof even on a rainy day.
  • Easy to install and long lifespan, in addition, the practical design that is the best for your commercial decoration project.
  • Each LED bulbs with glue-covered, furthermore, the strong main wire and drop strings lights can be split. So the drop strings can be replaced when its damage.
  • The length, color, voltages, and other specifications all can be customized by the Chang Xin lighting factory.
  • The size 2m * 3m, drop string distance 10cm, and 10cm bulbs distance. 20 pcs drop strings, 300led for each string, total 600led. 2*0.75mm VDE certificated wire length 1.5m plug wire.
  • Big chip high brightness led lamp life 50000 hours, energy saving.
  • OEM services, no matter the product material, design, packaging, can be customized as required.


Products Details:

Type one: commercial outdoor curtain lights

  • Main wire with detachable drop strings, each drop strings connected to the main wire.
  • Standard IP44 waterproof each led bulbs covered full glue and big chip more bright
  • Large chip glue-covered LED beads, better waterproof effect, brighter and longer life.
  • Manufacturer custom the length, color, voltages, and so on.


Type two: General curtain lights

  • General Christmas curtain lights with 8 function controller, 24V/31V low voltages.
  • Thin main wire without connector, each drop string Non-detachable.
  • Our factory provides different sizes, colors, voltages, and OEM service the specifications.
  • End to end connectable, 5mm led bulbs, transparent wire or green, and black wire option, bulbs’ quantities, distance, lead wire, LED color, wire color, and power supply all can be customized.


Power Supply:

There are different power supply options for LED curtain string lights window decoration with IP 44 controller, what’s more, it can meet the various applications. Moreover, IP 44 adaptor or plug with different types. the curtain lights can be with remote control for home decor. also can be with a solar-powered for outdoor decor. Chang Xin lighting factory can custom the window curtain lights with power supply according to your request.



The sales package of curtain lights string above for reference, usually there are plastic bags, PVC boxes, PVC tubes, a color box with PVC cover, display box, etc, also can custom gifts-box and mail-order packing. On top of that, our factory specialized in supplying Christmas lights, rope lights motif, commercial decorative lights, string lights,  fairy lights, festoon lights, etc, contact us now get a competitive price quotation.


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  1. Competitive price from factory directly supply.
  2. Strict quality control with quality guarantee.
  3. Delivery on time because of the machine production and skillful staff.
  4. OEM service for your own brand.
  5. 12 months long time warranty with fine quality.
  6. Good after-sales service.

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