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As a professional Christmas lights factory supplier. It is not easy to introduce all aspects of various decor lights, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page to make sure you can find the information you want quickly. 


Hot Products



quality control of string lights

Quality Control






What We Supply


Process Flow



Hot Selling Products

We can produce various kinds of Christmas lights motifs to match your business. Below are some of our hot selling styles for your choice.

General Christmas lights

Folding Yard decor

LED Trees

Home Decor


Our Advantages

  • BSCI factory—Christmas lights supplier
  • Complete quality control system
  • Flexible order—all will be taken care of good whatever small or big orders.
  • Quickly response——Experience teamwork answers within 24 hours.

Quality Guarantee

The unique quality design makes the lights longer life and safer. And enhance your brand reputation, win more regular customers, return visitors, reduce your unnecessary after-sale.

How do we control the quality

Step 1:

Incoming inspection of raw materials that include LEDs, copper wire, battery box, solar penal, package carton, and so on.


Step 2:

  Automatic inspection by the machine when welding LEDs and will filter out all invaluable led bulbs.

Step 3:

Manual inspection of semi-finished products,
it is better to reduce the defect rate.


Step 4:

A complete inspection of finished products will test each string light to ensure every LED works properly.

Step 5:

Check before packing. It is the final inspection process, and then prepare to package.



Flexible Design

Customize product features and shapes etc.

Multiple Styles

Flat or 3D, small or large and try to realize every idea you have.

Various Material

There are many different materials, and there is always one to meet your needs.

Elaborate Packaging

Custom mail-order boxes or supermarket display boxes according to you.


Below are products certificated, there are CE, GS, and RoHS for led fairy lights, LED neon lights, and rope lights with ETL, Festoon lights with IP65 is for E27 string cable led festoon lights, party lights. 

What We Supply

We specialized in led decor lights for holiday, home, outdoor commercial applications. And include led string lights, rope lights, LED fairy lights, icicle lights, LED net lights, curtain lights, festoon lights, Christmas motif lights, LED trees, wreath, garland, wood crafts for indoor and outdoor decorations.

General Christmas lights

Christmas Lights Motif 

LED Tree Lights

Home Decor

LED Fairy lights

Other Holiday Decor

Commercial Lights

Events Decor lights

The process flow & Duration Estimation

We provide OEM & ODM services according to a different country and your requirements. Sure, the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the raw materials specifications, the relevant national laws, and the transportation distance. Take the example of booking a tall container of products.


OEM communication

We can make a products‘ solution for you according to different markets.

At the same time, you also have complete control over product specifications and styles, and we can design and produce according to your requirements, turning ideas into actual products.

Step 2, 

Samples (5-7 days)

The sample better confirms the specification, design, quality, and details. There are initial samples, testing samples, and pre-production samples, and so on.
The sampling method at each stage allows you to control the quality and design of the product and make the order proceed smoothly.

Step 3,

Contract and Payment (1 day)

Contracts are legally binding. You should be aware that payment of a deposit and or signing and documents might mean you have entered into an agreement and are bound by the terms and conditions of that contract. Once you agree to a contract, you are committed to it, so you must be satisfied with the contract terms.

Step 4,

Bulk Production(20-45 days)

After completing the contract and payment, we will prepare materials and arrange mass production, meet the order within the specified time, and constantly update the production progress report for you. So you can know the progress of your order no matter where you are. Mass production can take anywhere from 20-30 days to several months.

mass production

Step 5,

Booking & Shipping (7-10 days)

We will inform you to book the space for the cargo 10 days before all goods are finished. And then it would take 7-10 days loading onboard since products finished.

The FAQs

   How long will be the sample lead time? 

  • RE: the sample lead time is 5-7 days approx. Welcome to test and check the quality. 

   Do you offer a free sample of LED Christmas lights?

  • Re: Normally, some LED fairy lights have a free sample available, but your side should pay the freight. 

   Do you have any MOQ limit for string lights orders?

  • RE: Small orders and 1pc for checking the quality are available. 

   How do you ship the goods, and how long does it take to arrive?

  •  RE: Usually sea shipping, arrival time depends on different distances. And DHL, TNT for small orders, about 5-7 days to arrive. 

   Can you custom the packing with my logo for us?

  •  RE: Sure, we can make it according to your design and offer sales package design and manufacturing. Just tell us your ideas, and we will help carry out your ideas into perfect display. 

   What kind of Christmas lights can you make?

  •  We specialized in general Christmas lights, icicle lights, curtain lights, 2D/3D Christmas motif lights, cluster lights, LED net lights, Festoon lighting, LED neon lights motif, LED fairy lights, LED tree, IP44 string lights, IP65 commercial decor lights. And then some holiday events, party decorations and so on.

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